About South Downs Woodturners


We are wood turners in East Sussex and West Sussex interested in woodturning and related

crafts such as carving, inlays, pierced turnings, pyrography etc. There are no barriers to enjoying
wood turning, you just have to have an interest in wood. We are an associate club of the AWGB


We welcome people from all walks of life and of any age. Some of our members prefer more traditional woodturning such as bowls showing the natural beauty of the wood, whilst others incorporate other materials like metal, glass or plastic into their turned items. Some experiment with adding colour and texturing to enhance the design. All are good ways of producing interesting wood turned items that can be either decorative or functional

If you don't have tools yet, come along and get some advice. Turners who are progressing sometimes have tools they are happy to pass on to those starting out at realistic prices when they upgrade. See the Recycle section at the bottom of our Turnings page for tool sales or items wanted

We usually meet on the first Thursday of the month in Lancing Parish Hall from 7 to 10pm - See our Contact page for details


We have demonstrations and practical evenings, details can be found in our Programme below. Radio microphones ensure people can hear everything that is being said, and a video projection system so members can see exactly what is happening on our 8 foot screen

Chairman's Challenge

These are run each month unless we have a competition. The topic is announced the month before when our Chairman challenges members to turn something associated with a word / topic or phrase. Entries that particularly attract the Chairman's attention will receive a small token of appreciation

Tool Bank

Club tools are available to members on short term loan. Some are illustrated above. We also have an Axminster AT1416vs lathe, Evolution Chuck & jaws, together with a Sorby Pro Edge sharpening system. These must be signed for, and returned the following meeting



We run a raffle each meeting to help offset the cost of hall hire etc. Please support our raffle by buying tickets or donating prizes




Tea, Coffee and biscuits are provided free of charge to members at the break. This gives time for members to socialise and look around at the other things that are available that month



Club Shop

Our Club Shop sells a variety of consumables and tools at attractive prices. All profits are ploughed back into the club for the benefit of members. Members can also sell their tools for a small commission




Our Library has a selection of books and DVDs on wood turning and related topics which are available on loan to our members. If you would like to see a particular book / DVD added, please make suggestions to our Librarian



Practical Evenings

We organise Practical Evenings several times each year where members have the opportunity to enjoy hands-on time with other members to explore techniques and ideas in a social environment




Competitions are a regular feature in our calendar. Members are divided into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced turners to give as many as possible an opportunity to compete


Tools 'n' Turnings

Our Tools 'n' Turnings table is a favourite element of our meetings where each month we encourage members to bring in some of their work, either completed or in progress, or their tools, so that members can see what others are doing and what they use. The objects often promote lively discussion

Wood Supplier

Gil & Joyce of Surrey & Sussex Hardwoods come to many of our meetings and members are welcome at their yard by appointment


Health & Safety

We are keen to help members enjoy their hobby safely and take health & safety seriously. All members should read and understand the instructions for their tools and materials. We have a Club Health & Safety Policy which members should familiarise themselves with and we also recommend you read the HSE 5 steps to risk assessment. You can never fully eliminate risk, but you can minimise it and still enjoy our activities

South Downs Woodturners Health & Safety Policy
SDW HS Policy v1.1a.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [89.3 KB]
HSE Five Steps to Risk Assessment
HSE Five steps to risk assessment.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [113.8 KB]


We have a committee who run the Club and our Constitution can be found in the link below


South Downs Woodturners Constitution
SDW Constitution v2.0.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [97.3 KB]

Membership fees

£35 per annum for adults and a discount of 50% is offered for those under the age of 18. To join, please come to one of our meetings and meet our Membership Secretary who will be happy to welcome you. Whilst we have no monthly entry fee for members, we ask viditors for a £5 contribution when they attend professional demonstrations



Cover has been arranged to cover our activities at Club events and, subject to a completed risk assessment, for members in each others workshops and where they represent the Club at craft events. To make use of this you must comply with our insurer's requirements which are summarised in SDW Insurance Requirements. Risk Assessment forms and posters are available on request from the Club Secretary.

Our insurance does not cover members making a charge for tuition or demonstrations. Please ask if you require further details.




Meetings are held typically on the first Thursday of the month from 7pm to 10pm in Lancing Parish Hall

Tea or Coffee will be provided, however please bring your own cup, mug or glass

A raffle will be held each meeting to help fund hall hire, any donations of raffle prizes will be gratefully received


Date Event

January 2019


No Meeting


7th February



Freestyle Competition - Any item you've made in the last year - Members vote for 1/2/3

Gordon Eaton demonstrates Bowls for the April competition


7th March


Practical evening - with several lathes & sharpening


4th April







Annual Competition Prize Awards

Competition - Bowl

Paul Reader Chairman of Sussex Woodcraft Society presents useful information on Wood & Trees


9th May

SECOND Thursday


Member demonstration - anything from a 4" cube for the July competition



18th May


Colin Simpson - professional demonstration


6th June


Practical evening - with several lathes & sharpening


4th July



Competition - Cube

Member demonstration




No meeting


5th September


Member demonstration - Fruit for the December competition


3rd October


Gordon Eaton - club demonstration


7th November


Les Thorne - professional demonstration


5th December


Member demonstration

Competition - Fruit


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If any members have suggestions or requests for meeting topics and / or demonstrators or speakers,
please email the secretary with your recommendation. Secretary@SouthDownsWoodturners.com


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