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East Sussex & West Sussex wood turners typically meet on the first Thursday of the month from 7:00 to 10:00pm in Lancing Parish Hall.

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Next Meetings


10:00 Saturday 23 September 2017


Ed Oliver professional demonstration



19:00 5 October 2017


Les Thorne - professional turner



September Meeting


John Plater gave a talk on wood turning


Norman Billingham gave a talk on glue










John Plater gave a talk on his perspective on wood turning



Norman Billingham gave a talk on glue


Shine resulted in interesting interpretation of the brief again, as intended, including the candle which I presume was 'shine a light'



Peter Pullin was given some green Eucalyptus which he rough turned oversize and dried successfully



A visiting turner from Thailand Paul Wesley made good use of his dad's workshop and some English timber whilst here this summer



Alan Wesley created these interesting platters enhancing the wood with pyrography and water colour pencils to striking effect



August Meeting


David Hare had no 'time on his hands', as it obviously took lots of his spare time to prepare for the demonstration


He demonstrated several ideas for the November Time competition


David's first project was a giant hour glass


Here he is turning the base

Here he's making one of three spindles for the 'cage'


There was clearly much interest in David's ideas as a gaggle of members gathered in the break to ask him questions


David also demonstrated making beehive stands for small clock inserts using his home made beading tools


He showed us commercial beading tools and explained how he made them from old spindle gouges


Finally he made a shallow cone surround for a small wall clock insert


David suggested this could be coloured if desired


This month's selection of reclaimed turnings for the Chairman's Challenge - Norman awarded three pens


Left - Thanks to Stewart Furini for bringing in his finished platters that he made whilst demonstrating last meeting




July Meeting


Stewart Furini demonstrated how he creates his colourful platters






Stewart has done his bit and now John prays to the Spin Gods and hopes he won't get splattered in the process!!!


Stewart turns a spigot on the front of his platters, and a recess on the rear enabling him to re-turn either face as necessary if the technique he is trying doesn't work to his satisfaction.


Once mounted he often carves texture in with his Proxxon


Fortunately all the splatter was contained in Stewart's custom splatter catcher - proving that not all wood turning tools need be expensive


Left Stewart brought a selection of his recent work for us to see other options and techniques


Members brought in some interesting pieces of work in addition to their competition entries this month






This month we held a Club Draw with prizes to fund anything associated with woodturning. The winner of the first prize of £200 was Steve James with Bob Brading being drawn Second receiving £100 and Gordon Eaton third with £50 - congratulation to all


Competition entries for Natural Edge


Below are the winning entries













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June Meeting


Members gathered to exchange views, tips and techniques at our June Practical Evening







John Plater demonstrates the Club's new Bowl Saver



Andy Heath demonstrates making letter openers with offset turning


Anna Cates made laminated turnings


Jim Young demonstrates his Tormek



Bob Nye sharpens some Club Tools



Tools 'n' Thrunings were supplied by Gordon Eaton illustrating how things finished up folling his demo and Pete Brown with his latest platter



This month's Chairman's Challenge was Movement



May Meeting


Gordon Eaton entertained us with his take on natural edge turning to give us some ideas for the competition in July







Gordon started by talking about what constituted natural edge using examples of things he had turned or scrounged to illustrate, before turning a piece of branch held sideways


Using a piece of branch turned sideways yields a nicely shaped bowl with a natural bark edge


Alternatively you can turn the branch on axis to produce an entirely different shape from a similar log



Chairman challenge was again supported by members interpreting the brief very differently as intended with Peter Pullin, Andy Heath and John Plater being awarded pens



April Meeting


Member Pete Brown demonstrates some of the techniques he uses to create the items makes to sell on his craft stall at Shoreham Market.

Left, you can barely see it as it whizes round, so paying attention to where you put your fingers is essential

Above, you can see the creative potential



Our members look on with interest to see and learn how Pete holds the blank and creates patterns on each surface in turn



For his second project, Pete shows us how he creates a small triangular bowl from a cube of wood



The trick is starting with an exact cube and alugning it between the points so that you can create a chucking spigot

Then you can hold it to turn it into a delightful little bowl, and finally create a small foot



Right, Allan Fielding brought one of his signature Yew goblets for us to admire on the Tools 'n' Turnings table



Entries for our Finial Box competition with the winners below



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