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East Sussex & West Sussex wood turners typically meet on the first Thursday of the month from 7:00 to 10:00pm in Lancing Parish Hall.

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Next Meeting

19:00 Thur 4 April 2019


Paul Reader Chairman of the

Sussex Woodcraft Society presents

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Next Competition

April - Bowl


March Meeting


Our March practical evening was again a success with 3 members starting things off, and several members getting the opportunity to have a go at new techniques etc.





Members enjoying turning together



This month's Chairman's Challenge was Garden



Above - Peter Brown brought his latest work of art for us to admire - a sensory pyrographed scene. The wood preparation and pyrography took a couple of days, and the electronics about a week to get right with the help of a friend. Sensors behind the wood activate a variety of sounds associated with the images when you run your hand  over the individual creatures.


Left - John Plater's entry in last years Worshipful Company of Turners competition where entrants interpreted the theme of the 100th anniversary of the Armistice.






South Downs Woodturners Members Boxes featured in Woodturning magazine

Thanks again to all the members who brought boxes in for me to photograph a few months ago. All the boxes appear in a group photograph, and others are featured in the 3 part series that starts this month. We hope you have also enjoyed the 7 part Lets Talk series that has just concluded.   Chris & Jean Grace


February Meeting


Members rose to the challenge this month with our Freestyle Competition as entries were up.

As usual the competition was judged by members who enjoy a close look at all the interesting work created by members.


See Turnings page for email from former member Steve James demo



Gordon Eaton demonstrated a selection of bowls for the next competition


He demonstrates his  bowl mounting technique before hollowing - right



Gordon also demonstrated coring


Stewart Furini continues to develop his range of platters with colour



Members produced a great selection to choose from in this month's Freestyle competition


See Competition page for winners



Thanks to Alan Wesley for the photos

December Meeting

Norman Billingham demonstrated several projects using a limited range of tools.


He even had to make a handle for one!



The first project Norman demonstrated was making a tool handle with just a couple of tools, a drill and a piece of copper tube. This is a good way of refurbishing old tools and customising


This one was a challenge, it turned out to be a rocket in it's silo that you blow on to make it launch without touching it - well done to Gerry for figuring it out


No, Norman didn't make all of these in the evening - he did, however, demonstrate how to make Xmas Decorations with a pen mandrel


Bob Harris decided to make an aluminium pen


Left all the Xmas Decorations made by members



November Meeting


Stewart entertained us with a combined demo of texturing and colouring


Thanks to all who brought boxes in, I can't share photos yet as I have to wait for publication first. The box making series is due to start in the March 2019 issue of Woodturning, no. 329


Stewart starts by shaping the back of his platter and adding a chucking spigot


Then holding it by the newly created spigot he trues up the front face and marks it in preparation for texturing with his mini angle grinder



A bit of quick de-nibbing to remove fluff and sanding to deal with any torn grain provides a canvass for colouring


Stewart enjoys experimenting with colours and uses the texture to apply colour differently to high and low areas


This months competition was 3 cornered bowl, the winners names are listed on the competition page


October all day demo


Steve Giles and his wife Sheila came to give us an interesting demonstration of a variety of woodturning and embellishment techniques










Steve trued a blank, added chucking spigots, shaped and parted the lid and here is hollowing the body


The lid has been re-chucked and Steve is hollowing the brains out of the showmans head


Here we have the assembled snowman ready for further decoration or finishing with your preferred technique


The second project showed a bit of offset turning using a donut chuck made from MDF with a hardwood spigot held in the lathe chuck to facilitate holding the work in different orientations

Make sure it's secure and mind out for the bolts sticking out the back


I use domed head roofing bolts in my version as they are available in different lengths I also use large washers as a counterbalance


The finished item showing markup


In the third project Steve drills the rim of the bowl prior to hollowing


Now it can be hollowed to reveal the holes inside with no drill tear out

Sheila takes over to explain the intricacies of the leather binding


Steve and Sheila brought a range of their

work for members to see their varied and interesting turning and embellishment techniques






The finished leather bound bowl is revealed left 


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